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A Tale Well Told

Storytelling as a skill or art form is not often associated with marketing. Marketers are commonly seen as purveyors of facts, knowledge, insight and strategy. “Storytelling” is most often thought of in a fictional sense. Considered an artificial construct of imagination rather than reality. But, there is another kind of storytelling, often overlooked, that can… Read more »

Facing the “Moment of Truth”

During World War II, the training slogan of the Ordnance Department of the Army was, “The difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer.” While it was paraphrased from a variety of witty sources dating back to 1794, it does a good job of also summing up the attitude many marketers (ourselves included)… Read more »

No “Trouble With the Curve”

Clint Eastwood points out in “Trouble With the Curve” that any talented player can hit a fastball, but the great ones are those who can handle the curves. Guess the same holds true in marketing. We were at the initial briefing for a new product launch positioning project. The category in which the brand would… Read more »

Holiday Break 2016…
A Time to Reflect

While the marketplace never sleeps, it does seem to doze off a bit around the holidays. With the holiday spirit thick in the air (and even thicker on the sidewalks of Fifth Avenue here in New York) it seemed only fair to take a break from deep thoughts on marketing, insight and strategy. But it’s…

Marketing: The Art of Creating Change

When you think about it (and even when you don’t), on the most fundamental level, all marketing is about change. If everything were perfect…if there was not another customer to be had, another dollar to be made, another product to be added to the portfolio…no change would be needed and there would be no reason… Read more »

Putting perfection in perspective

We had a Client who had his own way of evaluating anything that was presented to him…strategic recommendations, creative executions, marketing plans…everything. He would draw a matrix on his whiteboard. Down the left column were his evaluation criteria. Across the top were the alternatives being presented. Say it was four campaign directions. He would review… Read more »

Form or function? Well, yes.

We were working for a technology client during the formative years of the online communication and information explosion, (so “formative”, in fact, that the internet was not yet in general use…hard to imagine). Let’s just cleverly disguise the product’s identity by calling it “Widget.” This was a truly groundbreaking product and every time we ran… Read more »

Mining Data for Marketing Gold

When starting a project for a client, we routinely ask for back information on the brand to develop a foundation of existing knowledge and to avoid spending time “reinventing the wheel.” Back in the days when paper ruled, a brand that had been on the market for several years would amass shelves and shelves and… Read more »

The Quandary of the Un-targeted Segment

It’s happened several times now. The results of the tracking study or the copy test or the concept test come in and the analysis shows that, in addition to getting good results with the target segments, one of the un-targeted segments is making a strong showing. Very often we hear someone say, “What are we… Read more »

Tipping The Balance In Your Favor

We were out to dinner with a longtime client and despite all of our half-hearted misgivings, the desert arrived as ordered. Just as his fork plunged into the strawberry cheesecake he proclaimed, “Well, that’s another half hour on the treadmill tomorrow!” Of course we all knew that the cheesecake would take two hours on the… Read more »